Sunday, December 21, 2008

First Christmas.

Ok. So today I had my first Christmas...
It was fun to be with my dad, my step mom,
and my two older sisters Carrie and Candace.
We had some good laughs and a lot of fun taking
pictures together. Lol.
My step mom made a very good dinner.
We had little chickens, potatos, carrots, green beans, and
stuffing, and also some rolls. Afterwards we had a birthday cake
for Jesus. And after that we opened gifts.

This first Christmas was very good and I'm glad I got to be apart of

Well to everyone else out there......

Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

So tomorrow is a big day!
Although I'm pretty sure today
was a big day also...The begining of
the Thanksgiving Feast!
I'm not sure about other families
but I know that me and my family
are going to be eating leftovers for
the next week!!
And we will be having quite a
few dishes to do afterwards tomorrow
as well. But I think in the end it's all
worth it!
Here's just a few things that I am
thankful for...

1. It being winter already (chuckle)
2. Seeing my two nieces
3. Being around people that love me

That's just some of things I am thankful for!
Trust me! There is a lot more!!

Well Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Breaking Out

My little sister is starting to break out
with things that she is so good at and loves!
Even though she is three years old she has so
much talent! She wants to model like me,
ride horses like Lizzy, she wants to sing,
and she wants to act, and she likes to play
We always joke around saying that she is
a mix between me and my siblings. Because
I act and model, Lizzy rides horses, and our
older brothers play instruments and one of them
has a band, the singing is all her though.
Before she came along I was the baby in
the family and the drama queen. But now
she has stipped me of that title.
And since she is all of us rolled into one she is
so strong minded! She knows what she
wants and when she wants it.
And even though that can get a little
annoying we love her as she is! And she wouldn't be
Ainsley if she were any different!
And as her big sister I will help that girl
get to the top! She will shine like the
stars in the sky on a clear night.
Who knows in a few years or so you may see
her in magizines and maybe even on t.v.
So watch out world! Here she comes!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Heros

Notice the title....
Those people are VERY important to me!
I love to the end of the world and beyond!

Let me start with Mom. She isn't just my mother. She's my best friend!
I tell her everything! I love talking to her, because she's not judgemental. She listens to
my problems and gives me advice for things. She is a WONDERFUL mother and friend.
Some day when I am grown and have my own family to take care of I hope God helps me
to be like her, and to be as great as she is!

My Daddy. I love him sooo much!! He is always there for me when I need him.
He gives me advice for things and helps me to look towards God for help when
life has knocked me off my feet.

My step Father. He is so good to me. He loves me as if I was his own. And I love hanging
out with him. Even though we are very different we still make the best of it!

There's so many things I can say about these three people. It's unreal! I am SO thankful
that God has put me on this earth with parents like them! I LOVE YOU!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Me, Myself, and I

Lately I've been doing modeling.

I've also been going to play rehearsals.

I'm a play called 'A Christmas Carol'.

I really enjoy everything I do!

My life revolves around God.

I'm a saved Christian

And look to God when I need a bigger helping hand!

And He always comes through!

I'm in High School.

But I do my school work around my dining room table.

Even though I don't go to public school

I still get some of the drama that goes with it!

I don't think anyone can sneak past that infamous drama.

I try not to care what people think of me.

I have some friends that I would consider sisters.

I love them so much!

I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers.

All but one is older than me.

Zach is my oldest brother. He's so good to me and always there when I need him!

Kyle is next. He's pretty busy with Air Force work. But he still finds time to talk to family.

Caroline is after him. She is so fun! She can put a smile on your face.

Candace. She is wonderful! I love hanging out with her!

Elizabeth. She is pretty close to my age. But I can tell her thing that I don't want other people to know.

And then there's Ainsley. She is my younger sister. She can be a handful. But she is so funny. And I love her!

Thats all my siblings. And I love them to death!

Harley now. He's my little doggie. I love him. He so funny. He puts a smile on my face even when I just look at him!

I thank God for giving me such an AWSOME family everyday! I wouldn't change anything about them!!

Well that just a little bit about me.
But I'm sure I'll be back later.